Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Journey with God

My Journey with God started in 2006 when I finished a Christian Life Program in St. Paul Church, Matina Davao City. When I became a member of CFC- Singles for Christ, I become active @ 28, I was challenged to seek who is Jesus Christ really was in my Life. I wanted to serve Him and my prayer then on was for God to give me a chance to become one of her disciple in my family and in the community. God Immediately answered my prayer. I serve Him through this community and helped my family By Gods grace, I was given many opportunities to share His goodness in my life, using myself as His witness to the SFC.

I know that it is a continues journey of discovering my God. My prayer is that God will continue to unravel His ultimate plan for me, I dream of a world that is prosperous and abundant; where no is in need. I know that things will not be easy but I am sure that God will strengthen me and use me powerfully this dream to reality.

I thank the CFC-SFC community, friends and family who overwhelmed us with their prayers, their love and support. Most of all I praise and thank God for this new life he has given us. I especially thank Him for the angels he sent to guide and protect us.

Truly our God is a Great GOD!

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