Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Pride of the Philippines Charice Pempengco

Singing sensation Charice Pempengco performs "I Will Always Love You" live on UK TV show "The Paul O'Grady Show", aired 8th April 2008, Duet with Celine Dion and more...She even sing and perform live @ Ellen Degenereses and The Oprah Winfrey show."Oprah says there's nothing more fun than helping to make someone's dreams come true…especially when that someone is a gifted young person who really wants it and really deserves it."

She was 4 yrs old then when her mom discovered her talent for the first time. A few years later, Charice entered a singing contest "she signed up for more than 80 contests and won $50, she was, like, 'okay, we're going to have some food for one month, and very happy" , Some people were saying that I'm not good enough and I' m not pretty," she says. "I just wanted to prove that they're wrong."

Charice Pempengco's dream of becoming a singer began halfway around the world in the Philippines. She found a following on the Internet after a stranger posted her jaw-dropping performances on YouTube. Millions of viewers were moved by Charice's powerful voice—including Gayle King. "That evening Gayle called me," Oprah says. "She said she fell off her treadmill when she heard that girl." Oprah says the performance blew her Manolos off!

Charice's voice wasn't the only thing that impressed Oprah. "One of the things I love most about Charice is that no matter what obstacles she's faced in her life, she's never given up on her dream of something better," Oprah says.

Charice Can now say her dreams are beginning to come true, starting with an introduction to one of the most famous names of music business. Instead of flying back to the Philippines after her appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Producers pulled Charice off the plane and brought her back to Harpo studios. Then Oprah called legendary producer David Foster to see what the starmaker could do for Charice.

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