Monday, April 20, 2009


"R & R" Outing Sunday, April 19, 2009. Before the day on the said outing we are very excited to go the place called Bali-Bali, Samal Island Davao. We expected so much that the place was one the most beautiful spot here in davao but when you see the beach it needs improvement. The place was not that bad, there's a lot of nice views you will see.

The infinity pool=10 not all of my companion able to swim on the pool. The swimming pool cost P 250/person & you should wear the required official bathing suits like swim suit/ swim trunks.

We had so much fun while playing parlor games, seeing the whole place instead of just set there watching or swimming on the beach.

We just enjoy the day and enjoy the food we eat that they serve for us.

Its my most unforgettable and embarrassing outing in my life because for the first time I feel very humiliated to hear a very unkind words. Whatever it is all the group knows and heard it, its a misunderstanding between the terms and conditions with the package we avail.

TO ALL who planned for an outing please ask the terms and conditions of the place before you say ok so that you will enjoy the moment without regrets.

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